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  • Fa Chom Kluen
    The accommodation offers 110 rooms including pool access rooms and Family Suites that can accommodate up to 12 guests.
  • A time for solitude
    Starting on Thursday, Thailand is under a state of emergency. Hopefully, this will help the country cope with the Covid-19 pandemic more effectively. At the time of writing, a full lockdown is not yet announced. But in line with the emergency decree, it's likely that social distancing will no longer be urged but enforced. Only with people staying calmly at home will it be possible to keep the...
  • Bangkok Airways halts all international flights
    Bangkok Airways says it is temporarily suspending all international flights from Sunday until further notice as the spread of the coronavirus has crippled travel demand worldwide.
  • Thai Lion Air suspending operations
    Thai Lion Air is preparing to suspend operations from March 25, saying it has been battered by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on travel.
  • Staycation sweepstakes
    Though Corona, the virus aka Covid-19, is forcing jet-setters to stay put, everywhere is not off limits. Of course, medical experts have suggested social distancing but with the lack of tourists coming into the City of Angles, we need to do our part to keep it afloat. If you're getting cabin fever, never fear. Guru has a list of places where you can spend the weekend or a few days to ward off the... : Leisure

  • Sex and sustenance
    Why is it that a box of chocs makes such a great gift for lovers?
  • Savour the charm, Warmth and seafood of ban sakha
    There are places whose charm does not lie in any historical monument, gorgeous beach or other obvious tourist attraction, but rather in the local style and special atmosphere on offer. When rushing around in a big city, it is easy to forget that there are small towns nearby where people spend their days in the same traditional and unhurried way they did in the past.
  • One for the books
    When was the last time you went into a bookshop? You know, the place that sells those ancient things Thai people don't read, but rather use to swat flies and shield their delicate skin from the sun's harsh rays. But even if you prefer to keep your face glued to your smartphone, don't be deterred from entering fancy new venue The Bookshop, because the only reading you'll have to do here is perusing...
  • Classic confucian cuisine
    Shang Palace at Shangri-La hotel, Bangkok, is offering diners a rare opportunity to experience Qufu's famed Kong family cuisine for lunch and dinner from tomorrow until March 15. Unique in style, the cuisine of the Kong family features creative presentations of skilfully combined ingredients that express the four most important elements in the art of Chinese cooking: colour, aroma, flavour and...
  • In the mood for one more love
    Regardless of its much younger age, In The Mood For Love One, which first opened a few months ago in the middle of a serene residential soi, is a mature version of the popular two-year-old sushi bar of the same name in Sukhumvit Soi 36. : Entertainment

  • Sex-filled SXSW now gets app for hooking up with strangers
    Austin's annual music, film and interactive fest South by Southwest (SXSW) -- dubbed spring break for geeks -- now has a whole new way for attendees to hook up with each other, a sex app called Bang with SXSW, a spinoff of the recently launched Bang with Friends.
  • Novel interpretation of a classic
    Last last month, Opera Siam celebrated Verdi's 200th birthday by mounting the Southeast Asian premiere of Otello, considered by many to be the master's masterpiece. Aware that, in this Verdi year, he needed a new twist, artistic director Somtow Sucharitkul went to Phya Rachawangsan, a play by King Rama VI which is adapted from Shakespeare's Othello and which just happens to be having its own 100th...
  • Kaleidoscope of instrumental hues
    Listening to almost anything written by the modern French composer Henri Dutilleux it is hard to understand why his work was a specialists' preserve for so long.
  • Food for thought
    Eating is the most important activity for humans, both individually and socially. Food is not only necessary to maintain survival but also reflects society and culture.
  • Never gonna give the 80s up
    Looking at the line-up, you can predict the "Big 80s Rewind Festival" will become the concert of the year. : Life

  • Country music star Joe Diffie dies of coronavirus
    WASHINGTON: Joe Diffie, a Grammy award-winning country music singer who had several chart-topping hits in the 1990s, has died of coronavirus. He was 61.
  • Normalising the norm
    Korean TV, Disney's subtle additions of gay, trans characters signal new levels of visibility, acceptance
  • Corona and the death of cinema (again)
    "Cinema is an invention without a future," said Louis Lumiere who, along with his brother Auguste, invented the Cinematographe in 1895. From its birth, cinema was convinced of its own death. From the very beginning, cinema predicted its own eventual demise. And that was before the two world wars, the advent of home video, laser disc, DVDs, Blu-rays, terrorism, mass shootings, Netflix, and now the...
  • With masks, protecting the protectors
    It's very touching to see our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers labouring tirelessly to deal with the increasing numbers of Covid-19-infected patients. But, it's quite hurtful to know that these medical personnel who remain at the front lines of the disease are at risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus themselves because they lack the proper protective gear.
  • I want it all!
    As the amount of those infected with Covid-19 continues to rise, one of the best ways the general public can help limit the spread of the virus is to stay at home and practise social distancing. To make this seemingly indefinite self-isolation and working-from-home period more enjoyable, it's time to make use of streaming platforms to pass our time. Here are five platforms for you to start...

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