"Khanom" next trending topic word for 2015!

It is that time of year again, when trendspotters compile their annual list of what I like to call Future Headlines. Marketer Seth Godin calls them "idea viruses," as trends are little like epidemics – they only happen when large numbers of people are in close contact and things are changing fast.

PR Week who is the leading source of news, analysis, features & jobs for the Public Relations industry has brought out what words and ideas dominated the year, and what will infiltrate our conversations in the coming months? Havas PR's Marian Salzman shares part of her annual list, with subjects ranging from feminism and food to marketing and more. 

One of the words is the place #Khanom (YES KHANOM!) for 2015.

I think people in Khanom are more proud than ever when they hear about this………

Check their website below, scroll and see under:

"And here are the words and phrases we’ll hear a lot more about in 2015" and then: "In places"



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