Loi Krathong Khanom, November 6, 2014

Every village, no matter how small, will have its own celebration. Indeed, Loi Krathong is nationwide. The moment to celebrate this is when the tide in the rivers is highest and the moon at its brightest, creating a romantic setting ideal for poets and lovers.

During Loi Krathong people in the evening go down to their local klong (canal) or river to float their krathongs. They believe this will bring them good luck. The krathongs contain a flower, a candle and three incense sticks which are lighted before being placed on the water. People make a wish at the same time. The belief is that if the candle remains burning until the krathong is out of sight then their wish will come true. By the end of the evening, there are hundreds of flickering lights bobbing up and down on the water.

There will be locals selling tiny krathongs that you can buy for a few baht and set your own boat with lighted candle adrift. Don’t forget to make a wish. 

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