Hiking from Khanom to Sichon! 

At the South end of Hat Nai Plao, continuing South for the last few kilometres of road takes you to a beautiful isolated beach, Ao Thong Yee. There is a family homestay there – “The End of the Road Homestay”. On the beach, there is a big, natural-wood restaurant (catering mainly to day-trippers). The trail to Sichon starts here. 

The distance to Sichon is 4 km. This hike took us almost two hours to Sichon and back. 

At the end of the trail you will find Khaoplydam, a nice looking local restaurant on the beach. 

Along the path you can enjoy a splendid view around. Don't be surprised when you see some wild boars along the way.

For those of you with boar concers: You’re very unlikely to be harassed or chased by a wild boar. If you feel threatened, defend yourself.

In my opinion the trail can be steep to seriously steep at some point. 

As you walk and the trail gets steeper, you will find yourself going through a series of incremental changes:

Dead level — Walk normally, keeping a comfortable and steady cadence.

If the trail starts to rise — Shorten your stride and maintain the same cadence as before.

A bit steeper — Shift to a slower cadence.

Steeper yet — Continue to walk normally, but lock your rear knee as you step forward, thus giving your rear leg a tiny moment of rest.

Getting seriously steep — Go into the full rest-step; step forward with no weight and pause a moment before proceeding.

Too bloody steep — Extend the pause at the end of each step for as long as necessary. Don't worry that you might look foolish to the youngsters trudging past you puffing and heaving; you'll go farther than them in the end.


Start Early.

It is important to start hiking early in the day. Most experts are of the opinion that it is rather sensible to start hiking at 6 in the morning. The benefit of starting in the morning―you will hike in cooler weather in the morning, rather than sweating it out in the afternoon heat. This will also mean that you will have to carry a lighter load, as you won't need to carry a lot of water with you. If you decide hiking in the afternoon, it will be pitch dark around 06.30. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Have a great hike!

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