Krung Ching is part of Khao Luang National Park. It is in the province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat and is without doubt the premier location in central peninsular Thailand for forest birding.

Location Krung Ching is found in the north-eastern foothills of the East-Central Range. It is approached from the Surat Thani – Nakhon Sri Thammarat highway and is roughly 50km inland from the town of Tha Sala. 

From Khanom Beach (98 km) drive past Sichon until you come to the Klay river which is about 30 ks south of Sichon towards Nakhon. Cross the river and turn right. Follow that road until you come to the town of Nopitam. Then follow the signs. When you get to the national park you have to pay 200 baht. Its a 3.7 Kilometre walk to the falls. It takes 55 minutes to 1.20 depending on your speed. The last part of the walk down to the falls is quite steep down a lot of steps but most people can do it. When you get to the bottom its worth it so so beautiful!!!

If you are curious look on the internet for Krung Ching Birding.


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