There are many interesting villages around Khanom, in Nakhon Si Thammarat as well as in Surat Thani, one of the most popular villages to visit is Kiriwong village (Khao Luang National Park in Nakhon Si Thammarat). 

It is a famous throughout Thailand for the organic farming ( which you will find on the ground level) and making colorful clothes by extracting natural dyes from the fruits and the bark.

Going up to the first level, you will find waterfalls. Smaller, older, one, two, three or seven levels, closer or farther away. The park is full of rivers, creeks and springs. Namtok (waterfall) May Pak is the one you can reach very easy. If you like you can refresh yourselves with a bath.

On the second level you will found flora, giant ferns, over 20 meters high, they are unique in the world.

The third level is dedicated to the wildlife, nightingales, woodpeckers and owls, eagles and pheasants. In total, over 200 species. 

There are leopards, tapirs, porcupines, deer, macaque monkeys, languid, badgers and supposedly some tigers.

Relax for a few minutes on the highest level of Khao Luang mountain, rising to 1,835 meters, the highest mountain in Southern Thailand, watching the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the untouched rainforest.

Don forget: your trekking shoes, your camera and spray some mosquito repellent on your ankles and wrists. 

From Khanom, take highway 4014, 401, 4103 and turn into Highway 4015, at the 9th Milestone turn right for 9 km, 1 3/4 hour driving distance from Khanom.

This lovely video gives you an idea what to expect:




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