Muay Boran Khanom

Family's, ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, wouldn't it be nice to experience the Thai culture by Thai Boxing or keep your mind and body in top condition during holiday.

Then Ajarn Saifon is more then happy to work with you. 

His bootcamp is a type of group exercise class that mixes Self Defense, Exercise Routines and Ancient Muay Thai. This bootcamp will take 2 hours for 300 bath pp.

Muay Boran is the other name of Ancient Thai Boxing. It is a traditional form of Muay Thai which is still taught and practiced in Thailand. Muay Boran is still practiced and taught in order to preserve the Boxing Techniques from Muay Thai's History before the introduction of formalized rules and the introduction of gloves in the 1930s. Muay Boran is the ancestor of the modern day Muay Thai Boxing. See for more information about the art of Ancient Thai Boxing the link below.

More information about the group, levels, time, contact and cost see the picture and website below.

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