Hiking & the hinterlands (hiking is becoming fashionable)!

For many trendy people, younger looking older sporty people, models and actors, presidents and royalty, nothing but sitting on the beach holidays are SOOOOO OLD FASHION!

"Exercising to relax" that will be the NEW TREND.

Apart from the beautiful views and mood boost from spending time in the sun, your muscles will have an extra challenge stabilizing you in the sand. Hiking on a trail or beach hiking adds a ton of resistance to any exercise you’re doing,” is a natural choice for outdoor workouts because you can condition the whole body efficiently and without any equipment. 

I just learned the word “hinterlands”. It’s the land behind the coast/sea. Makes sense when you actually stop to think about it. The geographic formations along the coast of Khanom is quite unique and it has an intoxicating hinterland.

The hiking activities recognition is increasing as observed in corporate sponsorships, events and hike couture products such as "PRADA'S" line of hiking shoes or "CHANEL'S" backpack. From old-fashioned to state-of-the-art summer tourism there is an ongoing shift from mass tourism to multi-niche tourism in sea/mountain summer destinations.

Urban lifestyle creates a demand for placing nature near leisure experiences, which boosts outdoor sports and recreation. The increasing number of younger people looking for mountain adventures in a secure environment as well as older people in search of beach and mountain wellness is a clear consequence of this trend. 

These new leisure sport is more than just a hype triggered by the sporting goods industry. The range of people who like the “adrenaline kick” in their summer holidays is growing and turns sea/mountain regions into the most popular summer destination.

On this website I mentioned a few hiking trails but I still need to explore other hiking trails in Khanom. For those who have completed a trail which I didn't mentioned yet, please inform me about this so I can put it on my website.

For those who wants to find out other hiking trails, hereby a link with the mountains and hills around Nai Phlao Beach and Nadan Beach in Khanom. Scroll down this link and see category "nearby" http://www.mbendi.com/attraction/ao-nai-phlao-187514

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