We often think that rainy days when we’re traveling are a pain, and it may seem like there’s nothing else to do than lose time. Lying on the beach, walking the streets and experience Khanom's outdoor activities is not exactly the ideal thing to do when it rains: so, besides a spa and/or massage for example what can you do else in Khanom?

Take a cooking class at Aava's.

A fun way to spend a rainy day is taking a cooking class. Thailand is the realm of good and genuine food, and has countless traditional dishes. Thai cuisine is very flavourful and made with simple ingredients.

The Thai cooking class at Aava's is professional and well organised, allowing you to take away and continue to enjoy the delights and health benefits of Thai food in your very own home. Aava's cooking class will help you to discover the secrets of Thai food.

But even if you forget the recipes, the fun remains.

Aava offers custom cooking classes for both guests and non-guests.

For more information and reservations call Aava at +66 75 300310 or 075 300311.


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