Sightseeing Surat Thani.

Surat Thani trip: is it worth it?

Surat Thani is just the base. The real focus on the trip is one of the two main rivers of the Surat Thani province the Tapi River. Traveling along the River is pleasant. The River is somewhat choppy, and there is a goodly amount of traffic, which tends to leave a wake in its path. Many locals live on the River and make their living from its aquatic abundance. Barges and small boats also carry freight up and down its length. Best time to start this cruise is early afternoon so you can enjoy the sunset and watch the whole colony of fireflies. Each cluster of palm-trees becomes a firefly-tree. The creatures are swarming around the crowns of the trees, and it is really exciting to see how their lights are mixing with the stars.

After this cruise you can visit the night market. The night market in Surat Thani is small but very nice. It is a street near the ocean and maybe just 100 or 150 metres long with two smaller, not so busy side streets going off of the main night market street.

The market has lots of different food to offer like sweets, various chicken dishes, fish, veggies, fruits, drinks and more. You can get take away or sit down at some of the stalls and enjoy the food right there.

Besides all the different kinds of food you can also find clothes, shoes, bags and cosmetics.

Probably you will agree with many people who travel a lot and say that Surat Thani is a place worth visiting.

Toon tours in Khanom offers this trip (as well as many other trips) together with a "fresh oyster" lunch in a restaurant overlooking the oyster farm and a visit to the monkey school. For more information about the restaurant and monkey school check this website under the list activities & events. 

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