Khao Wang Tong Cave is the larger one of 2 caves in Khanom district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province (the other one is Khao Krot).The cave has many small and large chambers, each with stalagmites and stalactites of odd sizes and shapes, like pagodas, dinosaurs, custard apples, and fried eggs. Some chambers can only be accessed by crawling or climbing, making it fun for visitors. 

See this wonderful video about the cave:

How to get there :

Start from Khanom district office, turn right at the intersection to Don Sak and take a left turn. The entrance has a bus stop called Sala Tansakun which is easily noticeable. Drive for 6 km until you reach the cave. 

If you are not coming with a prearranged tour you may obtain the key for the padlock of the cave’s entrance for a small fee at the nearest house.

The knife switch for the caves electric lights is on the inside on the right side from the entrance door in the fuses locker.

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