The best things in life are free! So, come hang out with us in nature. Are you an outdoor enthusiasts looking to hike? Then Khanom opposite Koh Samui, Thailand is the place to be.

Build a better body and have a lot more fun doing it with this hiking ... to getting your butt into awesome endurance-hiking and altitude-trained shape.

This hike start at Soi Namtok Pamuang (nam tok means waterfall). Follow the road direction to Rachakiri and you will see the street sign on your right hand. Don't be suprised if you see pickup cars with coconut-picking monkeys or a wild boar passing your trail.

This waterfall does not disappoint! During rainy season you have to go for a dip, as it’d be rude not to. At times it’s hard to find an actual waterfall, as sometimes they’re dried up from lack of rain. God bless the rainy season!



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